Ok, so what’s this page all about? Travel. Unimogs. Motorcycling. Cool things. Whatever I feel like. Feel free to follow along for more on events, trails, food, drink, gardening, shooting, cleaning, making, wrenching, and whatever else I bother writing about.

This old beast is a 1974 Mercedes Benz Unimog 404, essentially a fast road tractor set up as a troop carrier for the German army. Mogs are slow, noisy, nearly unstoppable, and a whole lot of fun to drive. Last summer, I purchased a radio enclosure converted to a camper by the previous owner. It came outfitted with a Westfalia pop-top and wooden cabinetry with a sink, oven, heater, and stove. Since then, I’ve added two DC fridges, new group 29 deep cycle batteries, GC2 batteries, inverter, solar, a woodstove, and a small air conditioner.


What’s to come? Solar panels, a lot of other miscellaneous mechanical and electrical projects, and of course, traveling.

4 thoughts on “Background

    • Hi John,
      The box was very noticeable, but the truck is still great off road. You will feel it going up hills and around corners. If you are running the stock engine, I’d recommend you stick with stock sized tires. Have you measured your cab for fit with the German box? Swiss boxes were more squared off and slightly taller. The swiss cab fabric may interfere with the swingfire heater and vents on the front of the German box.

  1. Thanks for the quick response. I am running stock size tires but now they are radials (Continental MP81′s). I’ll have to check the size and minor details. I will also have to fab the 3 point mounts that the Germans used because the Swiss went for a 6 point mount where 1 side was solid and the other side can move.


    John H.

  2. I have a ’64 radio bix 404 I have converted to a camper. I love it. Would like to exchange pix with you. Curious about your set up. I also have some questions about the wiring in the box.

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