The Jerky Project: Concentrated Awesome.

Jerky.. It’s pretty much steak made portable. Concentrated steak, if you will. Unfortunately, commercial jerky is often as pricey as it is bland. There is really only one option here. Make it.

To begin, pick up an inexpensive, lean cut of beef. I picked up two pounds of sirloin for $5. Slice across the grain of the meat , making the slices about 6mm thick. The steak strips are then put in a ziplock to marinate. I kept the seasonings simple:

After 30 minutes or so in the fridge to marinate, the strips are spread out in the toaster.

The toaster is set to 150 degrees with the convection fan on. If you look at the top of the frame, you can see a padlock is being used to keep the door cracked. This is where the transformation occurs. Six to eight hours later, these steak strips will become spicy portable steak.

This is was one pound of steak. Now it is about 6 oz of portable steak.

And the final product:

This was an experiment. I consider the result a success. A delicious spicy success. However, I am not an expert on food preservation. If you aren’t one either, concentrate steak at your own risk.

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