Mogfest 2011

Last weekend was Mogfest near the Salton Sea. We set up camp about five miles from where we were last year, a little to the south. My mog did great making it out there, even though I removed most of its wiring before heading out. Coming soon is an alternator conversion and a complete rewire of the truck. As for Mogfest, it was good to see some familiar faces, hit some trails, ride in a few different rigs, and have beers around the campfire. The two years I’ve been to this event, it has been a very relaxed, informal meet. Everyone has fun and there aren’t any fees. Maybe next year, we can get just enough organization to put together the infamous Mogarita Bar. Even this year, I heard several people say that they were ready to chip in some money for it. Anyways, enough of this. Picture time!


3 thoughts on “Mogfest 2011

  1. So I looked at the pile of wiring you stripped out and I wonder how your truck runs at all? My mog (404 Swiss) has only enough electrical to start the engine and run the lights. What am I missing?

    • Not much.. I don’t have lights or a charging system at the moment. It’s being redone with a Delco 27si and a significant amount of new wiring.

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