A Small Update

So, once again, I find myself very close to finishing my enlistment. The new batteries are in. I visited a new-to-me camping spot in the desert… It’s finally starting to cool off here.

2 thoughts on “A Small Update

  1. Hey there. I am a fellow mog owner. Recently picked up a 404 Ambulance. I am in the process of restoring and converting it into an RV just like you are. I am in the North East but will be heading west for the winter months and living in the mog full-time. Where are you located? Perhaps you will be in the way of my travels.

    In friendship,

    • I am currently in California and plan on traveling the Western states in the following months. Heating a mog box is tricky.. They aren’t well insulated and tend to be drafty. My fiberglass and canvas top makes things worse, even when closed. Down to 20F or so, the 9000BTU Buddy Heater works well. I am in the process of installing a military SHA, a multifuel space heater designed for tents. It will burn most liquid fuels as well as solid fuel such as wood and coal. When heating with anything but electricity, forced air, or a hydronic, the wise tactic is to leave a window cracked, have a CO detector, and turn your heater off when sleeping.

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