PV, Trails, and Guns

So far, I have one panel mounted over the westy top. The second will mount over the cab, but I have yet to weld up a rack to hold it. The panels weigh about 20Kg each, which is definitely noticeable when opening the pop top. I may add some gas pistons to make roof operation easier.

Panel Installation

Does anyone recognize what these custom mounts used to be?


Xantrex C35

Well, do what it says dammit.

230 Watts.

My other rig. No, not the van.


A little extra security.

Not a bad pattern at 15 meters.

One thing about the mog, it seems to get upset if you spend too much time on paved surfaces. It will then show its anger by being cantankerous.

That’s all for now, but stay tuned for tire carriers, welding, motorized bicycles, and other shenanigans.